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The wind had blown off his uniform ball cap, and the rain stung against his skin like icy needles. “Levántate, cabrón.” The man groaned and coughed again. Levántate.” Marcus leaned down, made a cursory search for weapons—though if the man had them, Marcus was sure he would have used them by now—and dragged him up by the arm. ” He’d done nothing but chase and fight bad guys like this one, soothe the scared, and aid the injured the entire shift. Tonight had run the gamut from a family with a four-year-old hoping for a better life in the States, to a group of abused women led by cartel smugglers looking for American brothels, to these guys—drug dealers searching for American customers. Having a woman ride him to a rocking orgasm before he drifted off to sleep soundedpretty damn heavenly too. ” “The sexcam thing.” Trigger turned a frown on him. ” Almost a year had passed since their teammate, Cody, had been killed during a bust. But keeping a second agent with Cooper required another body to fill the vacant shift, one Marcus had been taking the brunt of, since it had been his idea. “If he had a few years on the streets,” Marcus said, “or at the border crossings, search and rescue, military, something…maybe he’d be ready. I swear you’ve aged ten years in the last one.” Marcus blew out a heavy breath, propped his elbow on the window ledge, and wiped mud from his forehead. And Trigger was the most fun-loving, easygoing of the group. As they pulled through the outer gates to the station, Marcus said, “You didn’t answer me. ” “Sexcams, camming, webcam models, they’re all the same—hot women performing on webcam, doing whatever you want them to do, saying whatever you want them to say, while you jerk off watching. Totally anonymous, interactive, personal, safe, and way better than porn.” The idea shot heat through Marcus’s gut, but his psyche was muttering not my thing.Whoever thought the sun always shone in Southern California was dead wrong. After securing the smuggler’s wrists with zip ties, they trudged through the rain and mud and wind and dark back toward the main road. But, no woman in his life meant no one giving him a rocking orgasm either. But every time Marcus stepped onto the desert floor, the wound felt fresh, like they’d lost him yesterday. He’d have to shower and scrub for an hour to get this sandy shit off. “And I know what you’re thinking,” Trigger said as Marcus pulled to a stop at the back of the building.His wife - who has asked not to be named to protect her children - claimed a gang extorted €1,000 from her husband before his suicide.

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There’s the Good Samaritan who posts an ad seeking the owner of a diamond ring he found.

"If enough people let the gardaí know what's going on, they can put together a pattern and find out who is doing it." A woman whose husband took his own life after he was blackmailed by a sex scammer is concerned that other vulnerable men are falling for the "honeytrap".

Yesterday, revealed how the father took his own life shortly after a video of him performing a sex act appeared on social network site Facebook.

Without my student financial aid money coming in, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills with my joke of a part-time job.

If I paid my upcoming rent, I wouldn’t even have gas money to get to that job.

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