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My American friends, sticking out in their plain shorts and tees, stood by and enjoyed the music and even more so, the dancing.

In the late aughts, a party trend emerged in street dances in Jamaica that followed a “uniform party” theme in which attendees—mostly between the ages of 17 and 25—would arrive in some exaggerated variation of a school uniform.

The community is divided over the dance, with singers up in arms over the ban, saying it stifles their right to free speech and diversity.

Andrei Laskatelev argues that in social history numerous dances have been banned (the belly dance, the tango, the waltz etc.) and that public concern about daggering stems mostly from its novelty.

Midway through the night, a woman emerged from the top of the road, dressed down in a tank top and leggings, but clearly more experienced in the ways of body language than her younger counterparts.

She entered the center confidently and began to perform, bending and gyrating and taking on overzealous young men who misleadingly believed they could conquer her.

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