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Minaj said she has not done 'the nasty' with him yet because she's 'chilling' and is 'celibate' and she wants to go a year without sex because she 'hates men.'The audience burst into nervous laughter then applauded.She said she might make an exception to the rule for Nas though because she's so 'dope.'Ellen then applauded Nicki’s nine-minute opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards.We’re told that Drake has always had a big crush on Nicki Minaj but she put him firmly in the friendzone and now their friendship is closer than ever since their reunion back in January.“No they are just friends at least at the moment and anything can happen in the future but these dating rumors are just what they are,” sources said.Meanwhile Meek, who has accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, also had a major social media run-in with 50 Cent last year when 50 told him to ‘focus on getting Nicki pregnant’.Weird how a rapper’s reputation relies so heavily on who their girlfriend is.on Monday (May 22) where host Ellen De Generes quickly dove into questions about her love life.

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Seeing as the ‘Big 3’, as Drake referred to them all, were in a recording studio we could be seeing a follow-up track.Ellen offered Drake a do-over but he declared he is not "into do-overs. Next: Nicki Minaj."Me and Nicki are like family," he said. We haven't really shared like intimate moments."OK, so just friends with Nicki. The rapper admitted he went out with her…to Disneyland in disguise! Nicki Minaj cleared up some dating rumours on Tuesday.“Drake always has mad love for Nicki Minaj but she sees him as that genuine friend that always has her back.Since their reunion in January they have been closer than ever even with Weezy, the three of them are what we say in the Caribbean ‘tight again.'” Our source said that Nicki Minaj is not looking to start dating again after her recent heartbreak with Meek Mill she is just focusing on her career and getting her new album to her fans.

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