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Julie Howenstine, and Michael Sinke were retained in a case over the movie rights to “The Last Samurai”.The matter in involved the determining the source of anonymous letters that were sent during the litigation.The Judge agreed with the findings and opinions on the dating and alterations to the documents and found in favor of our client, Exxon.Link to text version (transcript) of FACTS AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW Link to pdf version of official copy FACTS AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW The ink dating of a document was at issue in the patent case in Texas.

After a deposition, the Judge ruled the testimony by Erich Speckin and results we admissible.

Sargent, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Cleveland, OH, Lawrence Mays, U. Equal Employment Opportunity, Cleveland, OH, for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Plaintiff. In anticipation of trial, plaintiff Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") filed a motion in limine (docket no.

Thereafter, the parties settled their dispute, based at least to some degree on the Court's ruling on the motion in limine.

The case settled before a trial testimony was required. Valery Aginsky Link to text version of Court Document – JJK Industries VS KPLUS Inc. Link to pdf version of Court Document – Order Denying Defendants’ Motion to Exclude the Testimony of Plaintiff’s Expert Erich J.

Speckin Link to pdf version of Supporting Court Documents Erick Speckin, Dr.

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