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(last edited: December 2012)Hahn Air Lines Gmb HAn der Trift 65, 63303 Dreieich The purpose of this document is to inform our agency partners about the Hahn Air Lines Gmb H (Hahn Air) ticketing policies for sales and issuance of Hahn Air fares and tickets; rules for ticket validation; rules on electronic ticket issuance including flight and electronic ticket confirmation, payment conditions as well as reissue and refund rules.

Compliance with the Hahn Air ticketing policy is important to avoid negative impacts for our travel partners, customers and Hahn Air.

Allows an organization(the partner) to view, print, create, or update changes to specified rules and footnotes of another organization (the owner).

Partners with remote access will then be able to access the owner's data using their current sign-ons.

Product that supports automated pricing of a wide range of services from traditional in-flight amenities such as meals and entertainment to a variety of pre- and post-flight options including the sale of merchandise.

-A joining airline will only have to sign one single reciprocal interline e-ticketing agreement with GP-275.

However, with the advent of online booking, passengers are usually unaware of who their validating carrier is.

The terms “Validating Carrier” and “Plating Carrier” are often used synonymously within the industry.

For the purpose of this document, the term “Validating Carrier” will be used to describe the carrier that will be identified as the validating or plating carrier in the new process covered by this advisory.

The term “Plating Carrier” will be used to describe the carrier that is identified as the validating or plating carrier in existing Galileo 360 Fares Default Plating Carrier functionality.

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