Hinata dating sim

Played this before and I got to say it was a lot easier now..

Especially the intelligence test finished it in a min or 2 since I'm used to puzzles like that, I have a puzzle board but it had only 9 squares but I can finish that in 30 seconds so the intelligence test was pretty easy.

It's a really cool Anime, my fairies.------------------------------------------Me: - Natsu~ Let's go on a date~ Natsu: - Yes!

That's because last week I was reeeeeally sad but I'm fine now ^^ Hope you enjoy this game and, if you didn't watch the Anime, you should watch it.

So a few days ago I started again, finished Naruto and Sasuke. You see I tried to be funny but I do not know if it really is. I am such a lucky guy to be your husband and father of millions of healthy babys. It sounds so great but I don't love it as much as I love your hair, your face, your body, your voice, your laugh and your feet."I do not know if I changed anything after typing this load of bullshit but here it is.

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I do not know what this does actually, just tried it now.

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Chatting online is cheating on me, phrased it wondering what’s wrong with them only to find dating.

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