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As an introduction to Level Three training, Julia Buss, our Zimele Community craft programme co-ordinator, explained that the women would be having some fun.

First they presented the products they had made to join Level Three and Julia took photos of these products.

Here we are talking about Who Is Gugu Mbatha-Raw Married To, Gugu Mbatha Raw Boyfriend 2017, she is a gorgeous actress and also have a million of fan following.The women had a lot of fun making the collages and were extremely good at depicting themselves and their outfits.There was less creative thinking put into the items that they liked to make, but this will be an area that they revisit as they do their market research into their communities.She is not married then what about her boyfriends and current partner status?Many media sources have come up on this conclusion that this actress is single. She has hardly bring herself into the light of affairs and love making.

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