Gretchen dating slade real housewives who was secretly dating on real world brooklyn

However, Slade Smiley may feel that he is the one winning.

He has been dating Rossi for years, and they have talked marriage and babies.

Her romantic wedding was even featured on the show.

Unfortunately, Lauri’s son, Josh, was still extremely troubled, and eventually Lauri told viewers she was leaving the show to focus on her son.

These days, Rossi has a message for her haters, who continue to spew hate at her and Smiley.

“This is how I feel towards all the haters that love to tear me down……I work hard everyday to make my dreams happen!

Lauri was brought on the show as a foil to the other affluent, married women who were living “behind the gates” in ritzy Coto de Caza; Lauri had once lived there as well, but was now living in a townhouse “outside the gates” with her two children, newly divorced.

We watched her through countless trials and tribulations: her adult daughter returning home to the already crowded townhouse, having to stay in a less-than-glamorous hotel on a work trip while Vicki stayed in a fancier one because Vicki could afford it, trying to find love, and most notably, her struggle to deal with her troubled teenage son who was dealing substance abuse issues.

From being labeled a dead-beat dad, and being an opportunist by dating Gretchen Rossi, it is hard to find fans of who are in full support of Smiley. The budding entrepreneur grew up in La Crescenta, California, and attended Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, where she studied Psychology.After struggling with their relationship last year, Gretchen and her long-time boyfriend, Slade, are stronger than ever.In between these issues, she also managed to date serial-OC-boyfriend Slade Smiley for a few weeks while he was on a break with fellow housewife, Jo de la Rosa.Everything changed for Lauri on season two, when she revealed that she had a new man in her life: a wealthy, stable businessman named George Peterson.

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