Gomaz dating nick jonas

However, behind the dashboard, they were just Demi and Nick and they were holding little back.

In between bouts of belting out hits like "Confident" and "Chains," the award-winning artists dropped a few nuggets of information fans may want to revisit. Nick fell in love after dating Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus—but who was the lady that stole his heart? The actor has displayed his musical talents in past segments of Carpool Karaoke, but during this newest jam fest, it was undeniable—the man can sing.

As Jonas reveals in the segment, his brother Joe Jonas and his band DNCE discovered the origins of their memorable track when he was writing the song with some people from Sweden. No one can do an impression of Joe Jonas quite like his brother.

When they asked him what the phrase "cake by the ocean" meant, the singer realized the Europeans were referring to "sex on the beach," but didn't have the right words. If you fast forward to in the clip, you will witness the most accurate representation of his older brother's quirky performing style.

Ever since the former couple were spotted getting kinda of flirty at a VMA after party, fans have been waiting to see if the two will rekindle their romance. People also started speculating that Jonas’ new song, “Area Code,” was about the “Good For You” singer.

After carefully dissecting this lyric: “You say I never been good for you / You can’t deny I gave it good to you,” it’s safe to say the there’s reason to assume something is going on.

Lucky for the 22-year-old, his bodyguard is just outside.

We’re sitting at Nick’s “favorite spot in the whole world,” Ovest Pizzoteca in Chelsea.

When Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and James Corden are packed into a car to sing along to the radio, essentially anything goes. They are most likely very very good friends,but that doesn't mean they don't like each other.I'm sure they are probably thinking it's best(say that they are dating) not to put it public for their own personal reasons.The superstar has plenty of reasons to treat himself.In the last three months, Nick has released his hit self-titled solo album (which sounds as though soulful R&B singer Miguel and pop star Justin Timberlake had a love child), signed a Wilhelmina modeling contract, starred in a television show, and made postmenopausal women — and just about everyone else — sweat with his viral Mark Wahlberg/Calvin Klein-inspired Flaunt magazine spread, where he posed in nothing but a pair of tighty whities and a smirk.

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