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I decided to mention that he was 15 minutes late (knowing that some supermarkets offer a voucher for your next shopping if their late, but only if you point it out), to which the driver responded angrily saying he wasn’t. He stepped into my doorway and started waving his hands about.

I assured him that it was in fact 15 minutes past 12 and my slot was between 10-12am. I couldn’t shut my door on him because it was stuck open by my all the shopping on the doorstep. He eventually grabbed the remaining stuff and crates and stormed off, yelling “f*** you” as he left. Two weeks later they’ve offered me a £10 Tesco online voucher.

in patch v.160.1 Neckson revamped how social chatting works in Maple Story.

Here's some information about the server that we know so far: IP: 8.. So, for example, when you write a message to your buddy list - the client sends a packet to the Maple Talk server instead of the game server and then the Maple Talk server sends it to your account friends.If you want something hot, mobi vibe also offers an option for best hot phone sex.The toll free chat line and phone sex number has no long distance charge. It offers a local single girls chat service where you can phonechat 1 on 1 with hot local chicks near your area.It seems that all the girls on the chat line are real local women and not paid actresses like some of the other live phone chat lines.

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