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The jury was hung on the charge of theft of government cameras against Ryan Bundy.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy will remain in custody over charges they face in Nevada, where they will stand trial for the 2014 standoff with Bureau of Land Management officers on the family’s ranch.

The men will be transferred to Nevada, where their father, Cliven, is currently incarcerated, officials said. Kate Brown (D) said she is disappointed but respects the jury’s decision.

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Both current proposals have them going to the Far West League.

The site additionally attracted media attention, both laudatory and critical, as a result of their collaboration with Dateline NBC on a series of televised sting operations called To Catch a Predator.

Perverted-Justice also operates a site that targets groups and individuals it identifies as being involved in the pedophile activism community, The site originally started with the posting of chat logs to shame people who engaged in sexual chats with purported children.

Some members of the site allegedly went further by harassing the targets of their chats in real life, as well as their friends, neighbors, employers, and family.

After a falling-out over a vitriolic chat log with a phone verifier in 2004, Fencepost was dismissed from the site.

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