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So to find out that Final Fantasy 7 on i OS has a cheat menu that can max out your characters' stats at any time, and that Rare Replay - featuring games from as far back as 1983, before your parents even owned a printer - also has cheat codes and a rewind feature - well, it just feels a bit weird. At some point, developers just stopped using cheat codes. But the argument could easily be turned the other way around.

Cheats in the early days of gaming, from the Konami Code to frantically copy-pasting "rosebud ;! Say a child picked up Final Fantasy 7 on i OS, and found it complicated, off-putting and time-consuming - it isn't hard to imagine a JRPG being any of those things.

There were a few guides to get some of the harder characters - notably Yuffie and Barret - but some of them included unnecessary tasks, or simply failed in execution.

So in early 1999, after a discussion on Usenet, I ran some memory editing software and started researching it on the PC version.

GAME FART #13 - They say the number 13 is unlucky, and we'd have to agree.

As there was a GAME FART DISASTER this week (and last), but fear not, for here is a great episode about sex which we prepared earlier!

in the UK and intended to be listened to on the train to work, or in bed for some falling asleep background noise.Final Fantasy 7 Copyright 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd.Final Fantasy and Squaresoft are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd.There's a really good test for determining which generation a person you're talking to comes from. If it's one of cinema's greatest plot twists then they're probably over 40; if it's the money cheat in The Sims, they are most likely a child of the late 80s or early 90s.Cheats have fizzled out in recent years, and it's difficult to pin down the reasons why.

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