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Suzanna, with her love of horror and pornography, leans towards the grossly dramatic, wallowing in her grief over her father’s death, threatening “harm” to herself.Both women are dependent on Max to take care of them, emotionally and financially, even as they strike him with the whips of their stinging one-liner put-downs."We are not here to dictate to women what they should have in their wardrobes. "Of course I get excited when I see my dresses on people," he said. "It's not about the clothes, it's about the magic of an outfit and the magic of a woman -- that chemistry is amazing. Ashley Graham posed for a super sultry outdoors shoot this week.Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese are fans. "With the Galaxy Dress, if it's a size 8 to 14 it doesn't matter -- you don't see the size, you just see the shape.And the 52-year-old designer says his mission is to make all women, whatever their size or shape, look as delectable as possible. "I have been called a master of the dress and to be a master you have to be a slave, I am a slave to the fabric and deliver a service to the customer." The designer says forget about those hordes of celebrity fans, he is delighted to see any woman wear his clothes.

It’s two people coming together because each has something the other wants.” In his view, “Love is a happy by-product of use.” A different perspective will be offered by Susie’s tough, domineering mother towards the end of the play, “The heart wants,” she explains, “what the heart wants.” Between these two poles-an arrangement to meet needs or an emotional longing-the characters in this blistering social satire bounce back and forth.

"The Outlaw," although it established her reputation, was beset with trouble from the beginning.

Director Howard Hawks, one of Hollywood's most eminent and autocratic filmmakers, rankled under producer Hughes' constant suggestions and finally walked out.

The knockout dress first appeared on the catwalk during London Fashion Week 2005.

Since then the hip hugging, capped sleeved sensation has been a firm favourite on the red carpet.

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