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I usually use it for my strap-on fetish, because I'm no faggot and, if someone sticks a dick in me, it should be a young sexy Russian girl. They only hire extremely hot mature women as phone sex operators here.I'm not so crazy about that fetish right now but I used to go crazy over it when I was 22 years old.Thankfully, it’s much easier to record an interesting, informative and entertaining introduction than a lot of people think it is.The first thing you should do is prepare what you want to say beforehand.No skinny bitch could ever fuck like that, they aren’t soft enough, they don’t try as hard s we do… That’s why my friend has completely given up fucking skinny whores now, all he wants is big soft bitches like me.He’s truly addicted to the whole package you get with a fat girl, and why shouldn’t he be? Honestly, if you’ve never fucked a fat bitch before you should really give it a try, I just know that it will be an experience that you will never forget!

Unfortunately, a lot of people panic when it comes time to record their introduction.Adult phone chat with a fat girl is hot as fuck, don’t you think?I know some guys say they don’t like fat girls, they just want skinny whores on their cocks but if they would just give a fat girl a try, they might find they like it!This one's a lot like the cock control numer but with a dark S&M theme to it. The oldest phone operators are 19 and they all sound like nice innocent girls you can find a church in Utah. Ever dreamed having a wife or girlfriend who'll force you watch her fuck your best friend,your boss or blowing your dad? I was shocked that they really do have huge boobies, which is awesome.This isn't the least expensive number but it's well worth it.

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