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“The government’s investment is paying off, as Ethiopian women are increasingly able to access abortion and postabortion care at health facilities under safe conditions,” said Ann Moore, Guttmacher researcher and coauthor of the study.Despite these advances, 47% of abortions took place outside of health facilities in 2014.A warrior will make a small incision in the cow's carotid artery with a special sharp arrow.The tribe believe it to be full of vitamins to give fighters strength.She carries a drum of more than 20 liters on her tiny back, but neither the weight nor her advanced pregnancy prevent her from walking swiftly and firmly.

"When I was little, I had very good grades and I wanted to be a doctor," she recalls wistfully.

Beki Aby is a leader in the LGBT community in Ethiopia.

In 2013 he co-founded DANA Social Club, an informal collective that advocates for LGBT rights and provides members with support and information.

There are no neighbors, no running water, no electricity and no clocks.

The sun hasn't even risen yet, but 14-year-old Abaynesh is already on her way to the river to fetch water.

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