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The Shea Field Memorial Grove is a stand of trees just inside the gate to the former NAS, built around an A-4 Skyhawk and dedicated to the 22 Congressional Medal of Honor winners from Nor- folk and Plymouth Copnties. BREAKING AND ENTERING/PAST, 1 :24 p.m., 15 Bartlett St. Make sure the bedroom is free of com- puters, video games, TVs and phones.The number of exhibits is limited because most of the desired artifacts have been in storage for safekeeping since 2000 at the USS Salem Ship- building Museum in Quincy and the Salem, says Horsch, won't give them back. BREAKING AND ENTERING/ATTEMPT, 11 :59 a.m., 328 Centre St. Sleep troubles can be a symptom of physical or psy- chological condition that re- quires treatment, so it's im- portant to see a doctor if sleep problems persist.

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In all three cases, the extra movement is a short and fast scherzo, a real workout for both players, although all are relatively short, in the three to four minute range.

The Second Sonata, like the First and Third, lands running, with the weighty and highly involved piano textures heard from the very opening.

The planes, officially takeoff at the Squantum naval reserve air base in the photo known as Kaydets, were still active as trainers up to World War II. Other sleep dis- orders include sleep apnea: a temporary suspension of breathing that occurs throughout the night, and restless leg syndrome: which is characterized by intense discomfort, mostly felt in the legs when at rest.

Memories Of Commander Shea fi Museum To Recall Squantum, South Weymouth Air Bases By TOM HENSHAW Naval Air Station Squantum, once the train- ing ground for the pilots and air crews who won World War II in the Pacific, has long since disappeared under the upscale shops and luxury condos of Ma- rina Bay. NAS South Weymouth, are about to begin vanish- ing under some 2,500 housing units and 250,000 square feet of commercial enterprise planned by a developer. One of the first steps to relieving sleep problems is to talk to a doc- tor or pharmacist about it.

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