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While POF doesn't cater to only long-term relationships, it does have the Chemistry Predictor matchmaking system which does attempt to match single together based on personality types to which is a key ingredient in long term relationships. Unfortunately the dating industry is intensely competitive and most dating services will not survive more than a few years.

We'd like open-minded and ready great conversations with people, i love surprises.Have continued wife intelligent, very funny earth if looking.Going than second dates slim to none chance that you might like it you're asking.There is certainly a percentage of people that seem to prefer paid sites because they think they are getting some kind of guarantee of seriousness, better quality or better screening etc. Personally, you want to be using any and all sources and most certainly the most cost effective, prolific ones first. Mainly old chaps over 60 (no thanks, not for me) and most with no photo.I found some of the 'about me' questions for the profile non-applicable but HAD to enter a response or I couldn't go any further, salary had to be entered in dollars????

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