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Be proud of him but not shout it to the world proud. Don’t post your personal relationship to your social network. Your personal drama together doesn’t need to be shared with the world. We are compassionate, brave, intelligent, fun, funny, and damn good listeners. ” But it ain’t all unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies. There will be times when we’ll be doubting ourselves and in those moments, we need you to reaffirm that we’re artistically valuable and doing the right thing by pursuing our dreams. We want you to take an interest in our work and our careers. Be understanding about our constantly changing schedule. You love us, so we can lean on you more than we can others, and if you not only let us, but make us feel like you’ve got our back 24/7, we’ll love you for it and have another advantage that most others don’t have. And, we’re going to come close to booking some really big things. The stakes are so high for us; the work, the credits, the money, the validation, pleasing our team, the CDs, our parents, and shutting up the doubters (of which we are sometimes the biggest).We’re sensitive artists and there are a few things we need you to understand and do for us in order for our relationship to be truly fulfilling. When you’re telling people what we do, we want you to say, “He’s an actor,” not, “He’s a server/office temp, etc.” We’re one audition away from a booking that could change both of our lives forever. Not only will it give us a loving foundation to plant our feet on, it will give us an advantage over everyone else out there who is at it alone. We really wanted to go to that thing with you, but we have an audition tomorrow and we have to stay in and prep. It doesn’t matter if it is a one-line co-star role or a series lead on a network show. Once our system is nailed down, we’ll become a booking machine.4. And then we’re going to blow some auditions so badly that it’s going to really bother us. As much as we try to be Zen about the whole thing, at the end of the day, our bodies are our instruments, they get used in wacky ways, and we can get messy. If he’s working on a character in a script and you are reading lines with him, don’t start giving line readings to him. Sometimes a character has to live with us in our everyday environment so we can get honest reactions to what we give and take. If you’re not an actor yourself, you have the opportunity to build relationships with industry people without their concern that it’s just for self-serving reasons.

Out of all these models and famous actresses he meets, I'm the chosen one. Don’t be surprised if aspects of the character that he is currently creating sneak into your personal life. Someone that believes in his talent and abilities and only wants him to grow. The best woman for an actor is one that lifts him up. She bats her perfectly mascara'd eyelashes, as if she'd been planning this moment her whole life. Her equally attractive shorter friend then busts in front of her, as if she was about to miss her chance. I've done TV movies and soap operas and commercials. " My boyfriend smiles at me while he has his photo taken with the boys. Maybe she saw the movie I did on Sci Fi Channel last year?

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