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Myself and I like all the same kinds of food (hate Indian), music (secretly love Matchbox 20) and movies (horror, and anything Tyler Perry). And no, this did not mean shopping the Elle Macpherson bra sale on Groupon—although that was a great deal and I did it anyway.

The ending of any relationship can be a difficult experience.

What I have done, though, is make a pretty good dent in my couch, and subscribe to Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu Plus.

I haven’t accomplished any of my goals, listened to my own needs, or cultivated my interests.

Each individual’s circumstances, level of emotional maturity and personal history will dictate just how overwhelming it is to become single again after a relationship ends.

Still, regardless of the degree of discomfort experienced, most people unwisely choose to jump right back into the dating pool without even taking the time to breathe. The Dating Loop The main reason people decide to simply dive right back into dating is because they don’t want to face the feelings that are arising.

"If criminals see that CCTV works they are less likely to commit crimes," he said.In a bid to shame offenders into acting properly, the Government is drafting in children to provide the admonition.Competitions are being held at schools in the areas participating and winners will sit in a CCTV control room on the day the loudspeakers are activated. But as my 1 year single-versary draws near, I realized I haven’t spent my time truly investing in myself.I brought up this concern to my friend Laura, who gave me a great idea: .

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