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C.), as well as Europe and Mexico, mostly by American architects and architectural firms. (Note: Original materials are served by appointment.) (About 40,000 drawings, ca.

(Note: Some original items are undergoing conservation and are unavailable for viewing.) (About 2,000 drawings.) Date:1780 - 1975 Cartoon Prints, British British political and satirical prints highlighting aspects of British political life, including tensions with its colonies and other nations, as well as society, fashion, manners, and theater.The Smithsonian's guidebook listed 152 paintings by Stanley and 139 by King on exhibit in the gallery. Paper label on back: 1862Albumen print on paper, cream colored cardboard mount3.25" x 7"SI.1980.092 A By: Titian Ramsey Peale View of the parlor on the second floor of the Smithsonian Building.The Smithsonian's first secretary Joseph Henry and his family lived in comfortable rooms furnished fashionably in the tastes of the day. Downing had laid out the grounds with curving and interlacing carriage and foot paths among plantings representing all the varieties of trees indigenous to the United States.(About 1,600 photographs (selection from full collection).) Date:1860 - 1934 Cartoon Drawings: Herblock Collection A representative sample of original drawings by Herbert L.Block ("Herblock"), an editorial cartoonist who worked primarily at the Washington Post.

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