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In 2010, Womack returned for the second time as the bachelor in the fifteenth season of The Bachelor to be aired the following year.

In 2012, Sarah Newlon returned in the third season of Bachelor Pad, finished in 3rd/4th, as 2nd runner-up.

It's just a split second shot, though, and nothing is seen.

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To summarise, what I am after is women who would not 'normally' be expected to go nude, going nude because of the premise of the show - if you catch my drift. I like this kind of stuff myself, but for the life of me, I can't think of very many examples of it.

It is more of a request than anything, but I will try and add clips/pics where I can.

What I am after are scenes in which a regular girl/contestant/host are 'forced' to go nude for the sake of the show.

Shelly stated she could see that Brad really like De Anna. After she left, the family discussed his situation while waiting for Jenni. He had a reason that he sent Jenni home but he couldn't find a reason for De Anna.

De Anna had made such a great impression that it's gonna be a high stake for Jenni to make them change their mind about whom they think would complement Brad. His mom asked her about where they are at, she admitted she hadn't dropped the L word yet. He only told her that he wasn't sure if their relationship was going to last, he's not fully there with her. He fell for 23-year-old Sarah Newlon more deeply than anybody else in the beginning but she was disqualified for not recognizing his twin brother.

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