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But he began to change and eventually found religion in which he tried to push on me. We were both Christians when we got married, but I've lost my faith. For the first four years of our marriage life was great and we were more than happy together. About a year after we married he stopped coming home. He started ordering me around and treating me like a Maid and Nanny and not a wife. I tried so hard for 3 years or better to be the wife I thought he wanted with no success. I also make sure that I share equally with the household chores and cleaning.I am still very much physically attracted to my wife and I tell her that I think she's beautiful and sexy quite frequently.I was now going to start seeing married women outside of my marriage who would provide the much-needed spark and peace of mind.I pictured a situation where I would get the love and fun I was missing in my current relationship.

I sent the money without hesitation because I knew that the desire of my heart was to be fulfilled.Marriage is a binding institution that should stand the test of time. I had an unhappy marriage that could not give me the much-needed romance and the great sex life that I had always longed for.However, there are some instances when parties to a marriage will live together because of the responsibilities that come along. Yes, I was married and did not want to terminate the marriage to my rather boring and nagging wife. It has been years since the two of us have spent that kind of time together. He takes his wedding ring off at work and has lost it less than 30 days after our wedding. For all such men, Age has been created as a reliable online platform to find women for dating and companionship. The bill came in the mail and I found out he didn't pay it. I'm tired of struggling financially and emotionally. who are single and seeking someone special in their life.

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