Dating radio flyer wagon

It is really in great condition considering it is 40 years old. Well, at least that I can see now, the acid dip will reveal everything. Need to find some new axle caps as one of them didn't make the tear down intact.Man, I carted around so much stuff with my wooden Radio Flyer wagon when I was a kid.They facilitated the movement of goods and people on frozen surfaces, dating back many centuries.Distinguished by their long and narrow runner blades, sleds reduced friction and were able to carry heavy loads. Many of us recall our favorite wintertime pastime of racing down the hills of a neighborhood on our fastest sleds.The tradition of painted sleds boasting hand-colored images of running horses, reindeer or Santa debuted in the Victorian Era, circa mid-1800s.These handsome sleds were used for fancy winter trips for children and adults alike.Changing the company's name to Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1930, Pasin also introduced his first steel wagon, called the Radio Flyer. I know it not a tractor, but I'm pretty excited to get it done.

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It took a little time and attention but this wasn't a terribly difficult project. Lot Of 4 NOS Vintage Metal Lock Caps-Tricycle, Pedal Car, Pedal Tractor, Wagon Axle home | about | past events | tickets | judges | faq | screenplay competition | press | support us | contact Copyright ©2010-2011 All Rights Reserved. Gametime Spring Rider Front Swing Bar Vintage 40's / 50's Castelli Metal Pedal Tractor Ride-On - Rare Tractor!If you need to remove the wheels, this page on Radio Flyer's website has instructions on how to remove the hub caps. If you're restoring an older discontinued model, finding parts may be a little more tricky . After using the stripper I went over the entire bed with the wire wheel to remove any last bits of paint, and to grind down rust spots as close to bare metal as possible. The pieces in the third photo were all stripped with the wire wheel.For many people an antique Radio Flyer wagon brings back fond memories of their childhood.

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