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index The first 3-bar autoharp produced, which was part of the original Philadelphia line, is the No.

Like the "All-Chord" above, the Concert Grand's bars can be situated in any of 3 different positions, each of which produces a different set of 3 chords per bar.

This instrument dates from slightly earlier, around 1895. And this is an example with the black-painted trim. index The Concert Grand is a very large autoharp, measuring about 20" wide by 30" long.

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Notice on any of the later 12 and 15 chord models, more commonly played while held upright, the chord layout was never changed to facilitate playing that way.This model has been out of production for 40 years, and the company has changed hands twice since.Lap style has to do with the chord bar set being placed toward the tuning pins to allow room to play along the string anchor end. The action of the Concert Grand differs from that of the Parlor Grand. It has 49 strings, covering four chromatic octaves, 6 bars bearing 12 shifters (10 active, 2 dummies), and it is said to be capable of producing 60 chords.

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