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By the end of the day, 28 infantry battalions have crossed the river.

Strong magnetic fields are created by electricity on the ship and a 'pulse power system' to sent propellants flying at 4,500mph.

The Department of the Navy's science and technology corporate board chartered the Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) to build the EM Railgun, which uses generated by the ship, according to the Office of Naval Research.'Wide-area coverage and exceptionally quick response will extend the reach and lethality of ships armed with this technology.'A future weapon system at this energy level would be capable of launching a 100 nautical mile projectile'.

Everything from Uniforms, Helmets and Field Gear to Insignia, Medals, Badges, Flags, Knives, and accessories you will find it here! The rush to join the Allies in part stems from the announcement that only those states that declare war become March 1 will be invited to a conference in San Francisco on the proposed postwar United Nations.

Western Front, Germany The US First Army begins its drive to the Rhine River, spearheaded by the VII Corps.

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