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Her grasp of pop culture and keen eye for social interactions are comedy gold.

What it took Twitter to showcase is that Chrissy—model, mother, and wife of Oscar-winning singer-songwriter John Legend—is also hysterical.

I gotta' get back to the right corner for the free pizza, scoot between the lines to avoid political lobbying, and then shuffle over to the east side of the room for my free t-shirt... " I really didn't take advantage of all the potential in the room, and definitely took for granted the time and effort all of the agencies use to prepare for campus fair chaos. I was over-prepared for the event, mapping out the blueprint of the venue days before, arriving 15 minutes early with my new engagement activity (see: LEEP Pong), and setting up water bottles like pretty maids all in a row to attract the eager "trick-or-treater" students to my booth.

Talking with students who are new to our community, learning about the different college majors who are starting to require service learning and volunteering as a part of their curriculum, and meeting other volunteer managers just warms my little heart.

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It’s a balmy night in Manhattan’s financial district, and at a sports bar called Stout, everyone is Tindering.

After a few hours of her advising singles at Au Fudge, a new restaurant in West Hollywood, it was clear she wasn’t a good choice. Not only did she have me nearly rolling on the floor with some of her suggestions for pick-up lines (An example: “I hate babies, don’t you?

”), I think more than one of these pairings heard wedding bells.

The best visitors to the table are RSO or student club leaders... Each new recruiting event brings a myriad of new challenges. In this case, I was on a university campus where the majority of the attendees were A) There as a class requirement B) Looking for free food or C) Searching to be a part of something other than their 15 credit course load.

While lacking an edible hand out, I did have free water bottles for those who stopped to play my game (see: LEEP Pong).

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