Dating broters ex

We been talking for about 5months now then he asked me out I really like him but I don't know with him being my ex's brother.

Hi I have a situation about my brother's ex girlfriend.

He actually deserved to be told before you and the ex decided to start a relationship.

So, after I broke up with them, her and I started talking about dating, agreed to be exclusive, and a few weeks after that started dating. I don't know when her and my brother broke up exactly, or who broke up with who. They were broken up, and not talking when the two of us started hanging out, and have only talked for a short while since then. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, go tell your brother all by yourself. :confused: I have been dating my dads elder brothers son, and its almost a year now.But if you have to do it, then we must examine your state of mind and conclude you certainly need to visit a psychiatric doctor.Inasmuch as it makes some people uncomfortable, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.So don't react when people tease you about "stealing" your sister's boyfriend.If you stop being a good audience for this kind of humor, then they'll stop making these kinds of jokes.

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