Dating a zildjian cymbal

As a general rule, a logo with a height of 1 1/8 inches indicates the cymbal was made in the 1930s or the late 1940s to early 1950s.

If the logo is 1 1/4 inches tall, the cymbal was likely made in the 1970s, late 1950s or early 1940s.

Here are some pictures of the stamps and how many of each type that I have.

Early 70s - missing 3 dots, thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co (1 cymbal)So then today, I see these hi hats on e Bay which have the hollow ink logo with the thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co but *also* have the 3 dots which doesn't match any of the cymbals that I have! EDIT: The e Bay cymbals you linked are certainly unusual, if everything is legit. Coelacanth, For those of us looking for later era inexpensive Zildjians, I was looking at creating my own personal 70s and 80s Zildjian stamp/logo timeline.

It is in great condition, the painted logo is even still on the top and the bottom.

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The thinner cymbals of yesteryear could not handle the continued abuse forever.Scroll down through this gallery and you move through the production eras of Avedis Zildjian cymbals from the beginning to the current day. I am not responsible for any of the pre 1970s dates, I'm just compiling information painstakingly researched by Bill Hartrick and now in circulation around the web, most often with no acknowledgement of the original source.The first part of this time is mostly about changes in the trademark stamps, but once you get past 1978 you will see more about the ink logos and how they changed over time. Once you get into the late 1970s (and ink becomes more of the focus) I've tried to find consensus dates for these changes.In 1618, Avedis used his secret alloy to create cymbals of spectacular clarity and power.The sound of the instruments was so extraordinary that the Sultan invited Avedis to live at court (Topkapi Palace) to make cymbals for the Sultan's elite Janissary Bands.

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