Dating a bar girl in thailand

A fellow named Chittychangchang on Thai Visa wrote this, and I like it so much, thought I'd share it: If you're a Western man who is interested in finding out how to date a Thai woman, then you've come to the right place.

Learning how to date a Thai woman can help cut away hours of frustration and misunderstandings. They want someone to love and cherish them and want to be treated with respect.

Thai culture believes that it is better to say nothing at all than to say something negative or hurtful.

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The interview talks about drugs, bar girls, farang guys, relationships, why Thais don’t like Indian, Turkish or black men. I’m a native Thai who live in Thailand ever since I was born.

We can’t cover all the aspects of foreign men coming to Thailand to find the woman of his dreams, but we can tell you that you are very unlikely to find her in the form of a prostitute working in a go go bar, beer bar, or freelancing as a prostitute in a disco or other nightlife establishment. It has almost become a kind of sport in the bar scene in Thailand and there are more than enough unsuspecting men traveling to Thailand who are completely unaware of it and fall victim to the game.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many men try to do when they come to Thailand and end up involved in something far more difficult and costly than they had ever imagined, something that could also carry with it serious health risks and financial ruin. We see it every day and it happens more and more often in recent times. Does this mean all Thai ladies who work in bars are dirty rotten scammers?

Well no shit, this isn’t the best Thailand travel blog for no reason.

Since I’m getting lazy to write content myself these days I went ahead and asked a Thai girl questions I think the farang would like to know.

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