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Once this is of reasonable size, employers will be able, for a very modest fee – around 0 – to submit position descriptions.

The site also looks at what people say they want in a partner and who they are actually pursuing on the site.

I think one can clearly detect a pattern here, mainly that I should spend more time walking in doors to buildings. Along the way, I have had more courses in statistics than anyone with a masters in the subject, I have worked for thirty years programming in multiple languages – SAS, PHP and javascript mostly, with a few early years of Fortran, Basic and some defunct languages. If you’ve been using SAS for any length of time at all, you’ve run across his papers and if you live in Canada and drive a car you have been affected by his work. I checked out the site and it takes less than 15 minutes to fill out a form to be included in their data base.

When getting a new job, I’ve generally been in the work equivalent of “married but looking”. I’ve taught courses in statistics and programming at all levels from undergraduate through doctoral students. The really cool thing is that it asks about so many areas of expertise – what industries you have had experience, are you familiar with SAS, SQL, ANCOVA …

Determining something as abstract as “romance” (or even “love”) with data is not easy.

Some of the other top romantic interests listed on profile included: Given the fact many of us would never list these things on a profile begs the question whether Plenty Of Fish found the most romantic states, or simply the cheesiest.

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