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Gmail is a great, free email program that has a lot of functionality.

If you have more than one Gmail account you can easily link them together so you can receive and send email from one master Gmail account and keep everything together without having to switch back and forth between accounts.

The account should be listed under the Pop3 settings as displayed below.

The initial mail checking process takes up to 15 minutes to finish however this depends on the size of your inbox being downloaded.

You can also configure Gmail to send mail through your alternative email account, enabling you to manage every aspect of your email from within the Gmail interface.

Combining all of your email accounts in to Gmail is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete. Confirm that the POP3 server is configured correctly.

You will get all your emails from other accounts to your desired Gmail account inbox to read and send emails using any email address.

Gmail is widely used web service across the world for many different requirements like accessing many Google‘s services.

And as we all know 21st century is the peak of Internet so it is common to have more then a single Gmail address by a single user.

I have been a software trainer, computer consultant, in-home troubleshooter, web designer and was known as The Computer Lady to many.

There was a wondrous time when most of us only had one email address and getting a second seemed insane.

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