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Why write a novel after publishing a bestselling memoir? But anytime you create a character that all women will fantasize about there’s always going to be a little Clooney in it whether you’ve ever kissed him or not. When Carly Simon tells who she wrote “You’re so Vain” about, I’ll tell you who Jack is. You see an evolution of friendships in some unexpected ways. I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see with my very own eyes. Speaking of break ups, are you dating anyone new since you split with musician Russ Irwin? Well, I briefly thought to write my life story as fiction, then decided the story would be too unbelievable! PHOTOS: Clooney's past girlfriends Was it hard to write the book while filming Real Housewives? But, luckily the novel was nearly complete when I started my first season because writing requires introspection and calm - the antithesis of the show! Her key rule is to “make yourself the center of your life,” and if you do it, it will guide the do’s & don’ts of your dating life.For example, if a guy keeps you waiting to meet on a date at a restaurant or a bar, don’t stay longer than 20 minutes — make like a tree and leave!

Check out these 10 little-known facts about Carole, and you’re sure to fall in love with her all over again.

Housewives aren't always originally from the cities they have come to famously represent, but Carole was in fact born and raised in New York — about an hour north of the city in a town called Suffern.

Hot spots included your typical icons of American suburbia: the drive-in movie theater, the Carvel ice cream shop, and the pizza place, as Carole described on her website.

Her boyfriend of almost a year, chef Adam Kenworthy, appears every so often with a juice, and they beam at one another with the adoration of a new relationship.

Here, Radziwill discusses her favorite deli breakfast, why she won't step foot in a gym, and the secret to dating in New York City."In the morning, I have coffee.

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