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In the small hillside town of Tempest, Massachusetts, Boy racer Ash was turned into a girl, studious Emily had the past two years of her life erasedincluding her admission to Harvardand angelic loser Rumisiel was exiled to Earth for his incompetence.

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If you find a mistake or get an error message on anything, let us know and we'll fix it asap. Things have been crazy around here- between con season, getting sick, and everything else..If you read from the beginning, notice the improvement in the artist’s style and ability as the web comic progresses!misfileflashchat vmisfile comicmisfile webcomicmisfile comicmisfile online comicmisfile webcomica steel wing shattereda steel wing shattered *this data from semrush semrush provides a reliable & current keyword database list., to pull some stuff together for the hiatus - mainly the bit of the hiatus after SK finishes but before the baby arrives (unless I get flooded with entries, which seems a little unlikely).You can send in a pic any time between now and the end of January, and it can be Spare Keys OR Kaspall based (if I get any Kaspall art obviously it'll get a link on the Kaspall site).

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