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Readers receive a 20% book club discount on the books selected for discussion.

What kinds of books users listed also influenced their online dating success, the results showed.After a while, I became great at identifying, quickly, if the dude sitting across the table was worth seeing again."What do you like to read? I don't mean to sound like a terrible snob, but the question of what (and whether) a guy reads offers important clues into whether he's boyfriend material or *cough* fuck-buddy material. One guy, an ex-football player from Cornell who encouraged me to order a BLT when I told him that I was vegetarian, looked at me like I'd just spit up on the table.If you have suggestions for groups, or are willing to facilitate discussions, please let us know Thank you for supporting your local independent bookstore.Without your continuing support and patronage, we would not be able to host these exciting community events. | The Biography Discussion Group will discuss by Robert Utley (Henry Holt, .00).

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