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□ Use a new latex dam every time you provide oral stimulation of the anus on a man or woman.If you don’t have a latex dam, create one by cutting the tip off a condom and slitting it down the side.As a service to the community, below are links to LGBTQ organizations in the Chicago area and nationwide.If you are interested in having your non-profit organization listed here or have a revision to your listing, please e-mail us.The league is open to all adults regardless of bowling ability.The "classic" league on the third Saturday of the month is traditional ten pin bowling while the "no tap" league on the first Saturday of the month offers a strike even if you only knock down 9 pins on the first ball!We value the contributions that talented, capable, and conscientious youth offer in identifying and shaping the services they most need.

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We have an expectation of excellence for all youth at Center on Halsted and we offer programs that provide a roadmap to a successful future.Youth programming at Center on Halsted offers a nurturing and supportive environment where youth and young adults can thrive.With a variety of programs and services, from cultural and event programming to case management and leadership development, we are committed to supporting LGBTQ youth and young adults in a holistic manner.In addition, we directly serve more than 300 LGBTQ and Allied youth as part of our comprehensive onsite youth programs.Our Youth Program creates a safe and confidential environment for young people ages 13–24 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, or who are straight allies (LGBTQA).

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