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Moreover, the networks aren't completely owned by the major providers in a sense, since taxpayers paid for the large majority of these through direct taxes or kickbacks.Though the headline might be a bit quick to jump the gun, we feel that such high markups for such a cheap service like bandwidth ought to be called a scam: Making money without providing a real service.It seems the days of cheap, unlimited internet are over.

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Story continues below slideshow The Rogers website confirms that the Express package webmeister was on now includes 80GB/month of date, but also shows that the modem he was using is no longer available."In Ontario, it’s been more common for a longer period of time." And for those consumers who already have usage-based pricing, a 2013 survey by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre showed 78 per cent of Canadians said the were satisfied with their current monthly data caps.At the same time, 42 per cent weren’t very familiar with the concept of data caps and how it affected their monthly bill.After a massive online campaign against Bell and its tactic of using regulator CRTC to dictate competitors' pricing models, media outlets across the country are reporting Bell's inflated data usage charges.This is the first time mainstream media has actually bothered reporting on the issue of ISPs like Bell Internet, formerly Sympatico, charging much more for bits and bytes than customers actually use.

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