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The same calculations suggested that Monotremata and Marsupialia diverged ≈115 MYBP and that Australian and American marsupials separated ≈75 MYBP.The findings also show that many, probably most, extant eutherian orders had their origin in middle to late Cretaceous times, 115–65 MYBP.It is commonly acknowledged that the evolutionary relationship among the three main mammalian groups, monotremes, marsupials, and eutherians, has been conclusively resolved by traditional approaches.

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Prosth sorry I originally wrote in retrospect I translate it than there do.The analysis joined monotremes and marsupials (the Marsupionta hypothesis) to the exclusion of eutherians.The analysis rejected significantly the commonly acknowledged Theria hypothesis, according to which Marsupialia and Eutheria are grouped together to the exclusion of Monotremata.Previously described RNA editing of t RNA-Asp and rearrangement of some t RNA genes were reconfirmed in the mt DNA of the wallaroo.The divergence between Monotremata/Marsupialia and Eutheria was timed to ≈130 million years before present (MYBP).

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