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I was made redundant (but with a reasonable pension) and am condemned to spend my declining years on sun-drenched beaches surrounded by half-naked women - sad, isn't it?I have an apartment in town with a sea view, and am two minutes walk from the nearest beach.Most of my night time is spent drifting aimlessly around the abandoned ruins for hours or gathered around...Looking for friendship and intellectual conversation/stimulation... I live in a rural area where I haven't met many people who I identify with.We have listed not only international penpals including female penpals and male penpals but also also penpals for all ages including penpals for adults.Find free international penpals and penfriends to suit your age and type. Have you been searching for your partner for a long time?I like to talk about a wide variety of topics and I enjoy hearing about other people's lives.

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With Thai's extensive database and superior search facilities you can easily find the perfect Thai penpal.

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