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The couple’s on-screen chemistry attracted a huge fan base that gave them the portmanteau Liz Quen.

The programme’s success surprised not only the show’s producers – the network ABS-CBN – but also Soberano and Gil, who were newcomers to the industry.

In fact, , a romantic comedy also helmed by Cruz-Alviar and headlined by Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dances.

Gil, playing a supporting role, was partnered with Soberano, who was then making her first film appearance.

The head is unpainted and with perforations on the lid that show side parting of the hair.

Its lips are colored with red hematite and accented with an incised design.

The couple flew off at the weekend, with Thalia saying it took them two days to make the gruelling journey to Makati.

She also posted a picture of her passport, which showed her middle name to be Angel.

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This is unique and the only intact anthropomorphic burial jar with two arms, nipples, navel and male sex organ on the body that is found in an archaeological context.Their latest project, the film opens in cinemas across the UAE on Thursday, November 12.Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, the film features a familiar plot in Filipino romantic dramas: an arrogant city boy falls for a humble provincial girl.If you’re like me who doesn’t sell, create or collect art, then it’s easy to feel like an outsider, especially in an event like the Art Fair Philippines. It was such a good crowd for an early Thursday morning, I was glad not to stick out like a sore thumb.By mistake, I attempted to go to the fair a day earlier. Art Fair Philippines is a convenient way to see artworks from 40 of Manila’s best galleries and hundreds of the most interesting artists from the region.

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