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Have you ever noticed those pop-up messages or little icon appearing in the system tray, telling you there is a new software update available and you can download/install?

The we'd have another seven or eight before the Christmas special which we could use to cleanup the pages with cleanup tags, pages that need updating and such.

Plus, it may also increase traffic to the website during the off season.

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It was just while I was watching SJA that I had the idea, so brought that into it, but it would help. Perhaps we could do it a series of SJA at a time...

that spreads it over six pages, then once SJA is finished, we can move on to Torchwood, half a series at a time.

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I know that I've been criticised before for the length of my writing plots, but The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith actually started with the plot half way through the episode, summing up the time before with a quick "which they discovered earlier". Then, users will be invited to help out clean up and update each of these pages every time they visit the site. The Thirteenth Doctor , July 26, 2010 (UTC) "Community project" sounds great! Even if it's just some golden circle with a date and a legend, I'm sure people would love to get them.

:) --4me , July 26, 2010 (UTC) I think it should be a group of pages rather than a single page, as anyone who's tried to edit a recently broadcast story (or in fact any highly edited page) will know you finish making an edit and find someone's edited the page while you've been changing things around and you end up with an edit conflict. The Torchwood episodes could also do with cleanups as well.

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