Armenian dating system

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In 451, when Persia ordered a return to paganism, Armenia's small army defiantly stood firm to defend its faith; at the Battle of Avarair, Persia's victory over these determined martyrs proved so costly that it finally allowed Armenians to maintain their religious freedom.

Through much of the past 4,000 years, Armenians have been a subjugated people with no independent state until September 23, 1991, when the Soviet Union dissolved and the 3,400,000 people in that area voted to form a new Republic of Armenia.

The Armenian homeland lies at the crossroads of Asia Minor, which links Europe with the Middle and Far East.

Actually a Greek colleague allegedly helped Mashtots with creating the Armenian alphabet.

Furthermore, the alphabet is composed as a prayer, beginning with A as Astvats (=God) and ending with K' as K'ristos (=Christ). Later, three more characters were added: - և (yev) : actually a conjunction meaning "and". Therefore when using capitals, it must be written like two letters- ԵՎ.

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