Are we officially dating torrent

Psychological studies find that to conclude that a statement is a lie, our brain must first record the statement for an instant as true. Only then, can we engage it to process the refutation.However, the imprint of the statement endures, while the refutation fades in our memory.First off, Kickass Torrents is now down across all the site’s official domain names.This downtime seems to be voluntary in part, as the authorities haven’t seized the servers. District Court in Chicago does reveal that KAT has been heavily compromised (pdf).Between the landmark introduction of music streaming and vinyl's equally improbable and relentless comeback, you'd be forgiven for thinking those two factors alone would be enough to stem music piracy in Australia.Well, look, they've done a decent job, but the courts are doing their best to stamp out the rest.

( Both Kickass Torrents and Torrentz are nipping at the heels of file sharing stalwart The Pirate Bay.Traffic rankings show the former sites growing in popularity just as a court ordered the shutdown of The Pirate Bay's longstanding Swedish domains.The Stockholm district court in Sweden has just handed down its decision in the case against Punkt SE, the official registry for the domains of file sharing site The Pirate Bay, whose servers were raided last December by the Swedish government.Also lucky for Trump, is that our brains are particularly ill-equipped to deal with lies when they come not singly but in a constant stream.These phenomena are alive and well among Republicans.

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