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They alone are the Earth's only hope to stop the army of evil animal spirits from overtaking the human world.

Dai Shi is doing everything, and anything that he can, along with his loyal minion Camille and an army of undead, the Rinshi so he can take over the world and have animals rule.

Aisha had a ton of sass, and I thought they could've been a couple. He went back to Earth with her; that's love right there.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury is the sixteenth season of Power Rangers.

The short film took 12 weeks to produce, complete with 22 CGI visual effects shots.

This gleefully violent "zombie romcom" is another offering from Auckland's Media Design School, where 3D CGI students collaborate with their tutor, director James Cunningham, and industry veterans.

In the village of Salento, Zoe meets Diego Valdez, a local plantation owner...

Just because she was seen more often with Billy doesn't mean they couldn't have started something when they went to Switzerland. (I'm a firm believer that Trini Kwan is still alive, even though the actress, Thuy Trang, died in real life. and Cassie: So, Cassie happened to like the Phantom Ranger, but they lost touch. J and Cassie first met, they grew close in friendship. They held a deep bond, and I always wished there could've been more moments on the screen between the two.Welcome to Rotting Hill, where the extinction of humanity has led to the rise of a new species - ZOMBIES.Directed by James Cunningham and made by a team of seven Advanced 3D students from Media Design School.He started out with the Five Fingers of Poison, but they failed.Womanizing advertising executive Aaron tries to stop best friend Sean from falling into the "eternal damnation" of marriage by throwing a wild bachelor party to remind Sean of the joys of bachelorhood.

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