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When you have a system made up heavily of Republicans having the last say on policy implementation it's not surprising he didn't get much passed.The whole filibuster thing was explained to me recently. I don’t think being for far-reaching reform and progress should mean you endorse the opposite but as long as mainstream politics isn't transparent you don't know what you’re voting for. People most definitely did not vote for liberal to get the Tories in. I do think decriminalization of drug taking would probably be worth trying as the war sure as hell don't work.

Slow Club have toured extensively around UK, Europe, US, Australia and Japan and played major UK festivals, including Glastonbury festival, Latitude festival and Green Man Festival.Its festive jangles and brass parps are more 1980s photocopy Lisa Stansfield than 1960s original Dusty Springfield and ‘Not Mine To Love’ is essentially a labored show tune from an amateur dramatics production about the life of Amy Winehouse.Yet when the duo steer away from blue-eyed soul cliché and start entwining their charismatic vocals, ‘Complete Surrender’ starts to really impress.Slow Club are an English duo formed in Sheffield in 2006.The band consists of multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, with Watson contributing piano, Taylor contributing drums, and both performing guitar and vocals.

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