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There appears to have been a hiatus in 1816 when Wilkie wrote to his engraver, Abraham Raimbach, about bringing ‘Macdonalds business’ to a close (Miles 1981 text opp. In 1818 Macdonald framed(Royal Collection) and also provided a frame for various sketches, mounted in a single frame, with the label on the reverse, ‘Macdonald/ Engraver & Printseller/ Brydges Street Covent Garden’ (Miles 1981 fig.3, text opp. He framed other important pictures by Wilkie, including, 1822 (National Portrait Gallery, see‘Mac Donald’ undertook work for William Etty, according to Etty’s letters to his brother, Walter (British Library, Add MS 38794 ff.102-3, 115).‘Old Mac Donald’ put Etty’s ‘Temple of Vice’ onto canvas, apparently his oil on paper, (Manchester Art Gallery, exh.1832), and was seen by Etty in February 1824 as ‘a capital fellow for my paper pictures’, provided that he did not prove too expensive.In November 1827, Etty told his brother that Mac Donald claimed to have no money nor anything to do, and had let him have a long account, totalling £49.7s, against which Etty identified that there was £25.6s.6d to be offset ‘for things he has had, and that I have done him’. *Daniel Mc Intosh,15 South Saint Andrew St, Edinburgh 1799-1810, 16 Saint Andrew St 1811-1816, 49 Princes St 1817-1823. 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Addresses and dates of operation can be bought immediately on-line at The powerful search facility there will identify the type of information available for each photographer. To look at a different Photographer List, use the navigation links under PHOTOGRAPHER in the banner at the top of this page.His work as a framemaker has been discussed by Hamish Miles, 'Notes on Wilkie's Frames & Framemaker' (Miles 1981 text opp. He came to London between 28 August and 21 October 1805 (information from Hamish Miles, 9 September 2007), apparently working for Thomson & Jackson, engravers in Gutter Lane, Cheapside in 1808, before setting up independently as an engraver and printseller in 1813 at 39 Fleet St, late the Poets’ Gallery, advertising that he framed and glazed prints and mounted drawings. He published various prints from 1813 to 1819, including engravings after the work of James Northcote, 1813-6, and Samuel Woodforde, 1815 (Jacob Simon, 'The Account Book of James Northcote', 1 July 1820).He also advertised in 1814 that he kept original drawings and prints on view, and we know that John Smith (qv) was a source of supply in 1814 (V&A National Art Library, ‘Press Cuttings from English newspapers’, PP.17. In the 1841 census, he may be identifiable with the Thomas Mac Donald, a printer, age 60 (ages were rounded down to the nearest five in this census), who was recorded in East Harding St, St Bride’s. In 1812 Thomas Mac Donald acted as keeper for David Wilkie’s exhibition of his own works at 87 Pall Mall (Cunningham 1843 p.351).From 1813-23 Macdonald looked after much of Wilkie’s framing, probably employing carvers and gilders for the purpose (Simon 1996 p.168, from Hamish Miles).In 1813, he framedfor the banker, Samuel Dobree (now National Gallery of Scotland).

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