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That music, drawn with delicate, soulful sounds, has been described as enchanting, healing, mysterious and mesmerizing, as well as vibrant and energizing. Those seeking advice are encouraged to drop in for this free program. Scholastic Book Fair June 5-10 Carnegie-Stout Public Library The buy one, get one free book fair offers specially priced books and educational products, including new releases, award-winning titles, children’s classics, adult books, and current best sellers. The event also features a DJ, food and beverages for sale, and door prizes for car owners. This family-friendly event is free for all spectators and car owners alike.

I know most of the stories on this website are about outdoor adventure—this is about as opposite as you can get from that. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew: Lovin’ Every Minute Of It • Stetsasonic: Sally • The Real Roxanne: Respect • Hurby’s Machine: Let The Drummer Get Ill I’m white. He lets me put my cassette in the stereo of the Crown Victoria, and we make it through the first song, EPMD’s “Strictly Business,” just fine.The sawflies get their common name from the saw-like appearance of the ovipositor, which females use to cut slits in stems or leaves to lay their eggs.This is a very primitive group – dating back 250 million years ago to the Triassic – and the majority (true sawflies, the Tenthredinoidea) are all herbivores, feeding on the foliage of many different plants, although one group (Orussoidea) are external parasites of wood boring beetles.A few months ago, a headline claiming “The New Dad-Rock Is ’90s Rap” filtered through my newsfeed.I didn’t click on it at the time; I figured, well, whoever wrote that is probably right.

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