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The Create a Sim feature allows the player to create Sims and families with up to 8 members.

Players can customize a Sim's skin color (light, medium, or dark), their age (adult or child), their gender (male or female), and their personality using 25 personality points assigned to five "traits".

Starting your own face-to-face random webcam chat site has never been easier. Thanks to the latest Adobe Stratus peer-to-peer technology, a media server is no longer required, while bandwidth usage is zero.

Chatroulette is no doubt the next true mass social phenomenon, after Facebook or Twitter.

It is used to customize a Sim's appearance and personality.

You aren’t invincible while doing it, but it can get you out of trouble in an instant without leaving you on the floor like a traditional dodge.

-Allies shouldn’t speak surprise lines (Cue Ally Voice) when they are not aware.

Types of interactive brainstorming include: Establish a problem or a question. Give each pair sufficient time to form a conclusion.

Permit each participant to define the conclusion in his or her personal voice.

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