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Whoever wants to chat and talk about all kinds of topics comes here.Since 1996, we have been trying to provide you with a good online community and free chat room.Everyone is welcome, but generic R questions belong on the main SO site. Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem Iqf | https://Documentation™ Helps.A sibling room ("R public") is available for newbies. Room meta discussions: Script Room/culture General discussions about the c# language | For Easy Code Pasting | - Please read the flagging rules before flagging a post as spam | a GFy YW1i ZSBka WRu J3Qg ZGll IGZvci B0a Glz Rules → — Discussion for i OS and OS X developers. This room is a machine, a machine for programmers: fit only for the rambling of programmers.If you are unable to view the GM Chat Request icon or GM chat window, we highly recommend that you reset your User Interface (UI) and ensure that all active Add Ons are up-to-date.For more information regarding the Reset UI process, please see the following article: With this new interface, it will be easier than ever to talk to one of our Game Masters without the distractions of busy scrolling chat text, and with full confidence that you are indeed in a conversation with a representative of Blizzard Entertainment. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best service and security we possibly can, we have introduced a new Game Master Chat interface!This is why they also offer messaging buckets, which typically cost , , or extra per month for some preset number of messages (up to and including "unlimited").

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If closed, the GM chat window may be re-opened at any time by clicking on the “Open GM Chat Log” button, accessed via the In-Game Knowledge Base (the big red “? With this, should a Game Master send another message after the GM chat window is closed, the GM Chat Request icon will again appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

In its report, published by Giga Om, Informa predicts that the scale will be even more imbalanced next year, when mobile chat app users will send 50 billion messages per day compared to 21 billion text messages per day. carriers often charge customers who don't subscribe to a messaging bundle between 5 cents and 25 cents per text message.

This is a seismic shift for the industry, as SMS has been a solid revenue source for years. The more messages you send, the more you pay at the end of the month.

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