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It's one thing for a show to consist almost entirely of jokes meant for an older crowd and it's another for a show to find and manage a sweet spot of humor, adventure and drama that actually bridges generations. Some are designed to be just for adults while others, miraculously, are for everyone.

Oh, and the decision was made to not have any anime on this list as it, as a genre, could easily make for its own list (and just might down the line).

Here at Tipsy Elves, we’re known from the North Pole to the South Pole for having some of the funniest holiday apparel on the market.

We’re the best at helping you look your best (or worst) all through the winter season.

Over the years, we've experienced a dissolution of the stigma once attached to animation and shows are now made available to kids on a 24/7 cable channel basis.This list, however, is not just about animated shows that are for grown ups.This list also includes "kid shows" that adults find highly enjoyable.Our collections of award winning ugly Christmas sweaters, American flag clothing and collegiate apparel are truly one of a kind.The twisted half-pints from the North Pole have done it again with our 2017 collections! In fact, at Tipsy Elves, we strive to be different.

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