20s dating drama

They're about fulfilling those specific ideas we have on who we want, what we want and where we want to be in 10 years.These goals serve as a benchmark for our own relationship happiness.

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Sheng nu (剩女; shèngnǚ; common translation: "leftover women" or "leftover ladies") is a derogatory term made popular by the All-China Women's Federation that classifies women who remain unmarried in their late twenties and beyond.

As the words tumbled from my mouth, all three gave me ‘the look’.

I knew exactly what they were thinking, as I spoke about my newfound love interest, and him bussing the file that he had a kid.

Luckily, that combination makes for some great entertainment.

The top dating in your 20s movies are some of the best romantic comedies of all time.

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